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British Columbia: K – Grade 3 Teacher Resources

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Do Bugs Need Drugs? Teacher Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 were originally developed by the Do Bugs Need Drugs? program in Alberta in collaboration with Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Education.  The resources were adapted to meet the British Columbia Education curriculum by Joanne Matheson, Educational Consultant and the Do Bugs Need Drugs? program in British Columbia.  Having been favourably reviewed by the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC), these resources are now listed in the ERAC online resource collection. The material relates directly to the Prescribed Learning Outcomes of the British Columbia Health and Career (K – 3) curriculum and provides many opportunities for cross-curricular activities.

Each grade follows the same format which includes:

  • Overview
  • Learning Outcomes
  • B.C. Curriculum Learning Outcomes
  • Teacher Information
  • Lesson Outline
  • Student Activities
  • Teacher Materials

NOTE: You will need a PDF reader to view some of these files.

Please complete a teaching documentation form and email to us so that we may credit your school for participating and use the information to evaluate the program.
Documentation Form

We invite you to order complimentary print material for children to take home to their parents and to post in your classroom.
Print Material Requisition Form

Suggested amount to order:
For each student:

  • 1 Parent Guide

For each classroom:

  • 1 How to wash your hands sign
  • 1 Bugsy says: wash your hands! sign
  • 1 Tell germs to bug off wash your hands! sticker